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Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

In order to ensure a better presentation of the information on the site and as a result easier navigation, some data can be collected through small text files called cookies. You can always ask for the deactivation by changing your browser settings, but this may slow down or prevent access to certain parts of the site.

We inform you, however, that apart from the aforementioned navigational data, no other personal data will be collected, with the obvious exception of the data voluntarily provided by you.

Planhotel SA (hereinafter the Company) complies with the provisions of the Italian Legal Code regarding the protection of personal data (hereinafter the Privacy Code), as amended by Legislative Decree n. 69 of the 28 May 2012 as per the European Directive 2009/136 / EC.

What are cookies.

A cookie is a small text file exchanged between the Internet site visited and the computer. Browsing information and user preferences are then stored on your computer or any other device used to browse the internet such as a tablet, smartphone, or mobile phone, when one visits the same site again, the browser recognizes the cookie, and is able to read the information contained in it, ensuring a more efficient navigation experience for the user.

Different cookies contain different information which is then used for different purposes (running computer authentication, tracking sessions, storing information about the users’ specific configurations when accessing the server, storing preferences, etc.).

During navigation, the user may even receive cookies on the computer sent by other sites (so-called third-parties), which may contain certain elements present on the site that you are visiting (eg. Images, maps, sounds, specific links to pages on other domains, etc.).

More generally, some cookies (known as session cookies) are only stored on your computer for the duration of access to the site and automatically expire when the browser is closed. Other cookies, defined persistent cookies, remain on your computer for an extended period.
Types of cookies.

Cookies can be categorized into:

― Session cookies: these have a limited duration and are removed as soon as when the user closes the browser after a visit to the site.

― Persistent cookies: these cookies, remain in the device used to browse the Internet for a specified amount of time. These typically have an expiration date and the time they remain on the device will vary depending on the kind of cookies used.

― Party cookies and Third-party cookies: belong to the owner of the website or to a third party.

Our site uses cookies of the following categories:

Essential cookies.

These cookies are necessary for the site to work and enable you to move around it and use its services and features. Disabling these cookies, may make services and features such as authentication, access to the private area of the website, contents of the shopping cart for online purchases, e-invoicing, completion of a purchase order and other such functions, impossible.

Under the Directive 2009/136 / EC, implemented by the Legislative Decree no. 28 May 2012 n. 69, and the provision of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data, relative to identifying simplified procedures for information and acquisition of consent for the use of cookies of 8 May 2014, published in the Official Gazette no. 126 of June 3, 2014, essential technical cookies required for the proper functioning of a website can also be used without prior consent subject to the disclosure requirement of art. 13 of the Privacy Code.

Analytics cookies

The use of these cookies is fundamental to improving the browsing experience for the User to our site as they monitor and analyse the Users behaviour (for example, keeping track of frequently visited pages, of the user’s preferences, of the products already viewed in such a way as to prevent them from being repeated, as well as to assess whether the advertisement published on the site is effective or not). This collection of data does not allow any personal identification and is therefore anonymous.

The site also makes use of the Google Analytics, the web analytics service provided by Google. In particular, Google Analytics uses cookies (both temporary or permanent) in order to collect information, in anonymous form, on the use of our web site by users (including IP addresses) that will be transmitted from the user’s browser on Google’s servers located in the United States.

Further information about the Google Analytics service and the procedures to follow to disable cookies can be found at the following links:

Advertising cookies and behavioural advertising.

These cookies are used by the Company to collect data about browsing habits and preferences in order to, create a specific profile and to personalize the commercial offer, carry out market research or sell at a distance.

The user can decide to refuse the use of cookies of this category by using the opt-out instrument provided on browser settings page, or based on what is set out below.

Third Party Cookies and Social media cookies.

Our web site may allow the use of third-party cookies that may collect information on the user’s movements on the Internet.

In addition, some pages on our web site are characterized by the presence of the social plugins cd which allows the User to share our content on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

Third party Cookies are not under our control, therefore, for more information on how the third party uses cookies, please visit their website.

More information on the cookies policy adopted by the major social media networks can be found by clicking on the following links:

Revocation and consent to the use of cookies.

Consent to the use of cookies is provided initially by clicking the “ok” button located inside the short informative initial banner or clicking any element the web page and can be revoked at of any time at the user’s request.

To allow the deactivation of cookies, one can use the settings specifically mentioned in the guidelines of the browser. Each browser has different settings for disabling cookies; we propose links to deactivation instructions provided by the most common browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer;
  • Google Chrome;
  • Apple Safari;
  • Mozilla Firefox;
  • Opera.

Data retention.

The duration of the cookie depends on the nature: session cookies expire when the user closes the browser; Persistent cookies have typical expiration dates that, do not exceed 20 years except in special cases.

Changes to the cookie policy.

The Company reserves the right to make amendments to this cookie policy. The user is invited to visit this page periodically to be informed of any changes